Olada is a great name for a global brand and the name is for sale!

Olada could be sispelayed in many ways. Hera are some examples.

The world is running out of names. At least the word is running out of good brand names that work globally. That’s why we secured olada. Olada has all the characteristics of a great, global brand name.

  • It’s pronounceable in most languages.
  • Olada looks great in print in most typefaces. The contrast between the vowels and the consonants makes the word very distinctive. A designer would love to create logos of it. We created a number of examples for the header of this site.
  • A truly great brand name is durable over time. It will work in any cultural context.It should not interfere with the brand’s story.  It should not create legal problems.  Even though Olada sounds like a proper word it does not have any meaning in any language to our knowledge.  Olada is suitable for any business and eliminates embarrassment.
  • Olada is easy to spell and pronounce. If you read it, its pretty obvious how it sounds and if you hear it its clear how it is spelt.
  • The combination of vowel followed by consonant followed by vowel is a well-known pattern.
  • Olada is phonetic. It reminds a bit of classical rhymes and sounds. Think, “Oh-la-la”, “O-so-le (mio)”, even “Ob-la-di”. “O-la-da”.  Science teaches us that it’s so much easier to remember a word that has a certain rhythm and melody, the more basic the rhythm the better. A memorable name is a brandable name.